10 DOZEN Cooked

Everyone has been asking for the Pittsburg Brand Hot Links that are cooked and served at our Pittsburg Hot Link Restaurant... Well here it is...10 Dozen comes right to you. Our packaging is designed to ensure freshness. 

Select Individually wrapped option, We cook the hot links just as you would have them in the restaurant, wrap links in butcher paper and freeze. 

This process retains all the greasy goodness in the hot links...  When you receive the packages you can re-freeze or place them in the oven to re-heat.  It won't take long to re-heat, depending on how you like your hot links.... 




We work hard for you, locating the very best and most economical shipping method possible.  Sometimes, we get surprised and find a 1 day shipping experience.  When shipping changes need to be made, we will call you before completing the order for processing.  Your credit card will not be charged until the process is complete. 

10 DOZEN Cooked
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