3 - 5 # Boxes of Hot Links in your choice of

Original Pittsburg brand Hot Links in Beef


Pittsburg brand Chicken & Pork Links

1 - 5 oz. Texan brand Hot Sauce

30 - *Lance brand Saltine Crackers

1 - Reusable, Professional Grade Packing


11.18.2020 update:  We are currently out of Pork and Chicken Links.

Please use the Contact Us form to be notified when they are back in stock. 


The Original Pittsburg Brand Hot Links you ate as a kid are all beef, hand-tied in a natural pork casing and traditionally seasoned. Now, you can also choose Pork & Chicken Links, hand-tied in a natural pork casing and traditionally seasoned.
The 5lb box of uncooked hot links will have approximately 36 hot links.
Covid note: *Substitutions may be required.

To order 1- 5# boxes, select THE HASSELBACH
To order 2- 5# boxes, select THE OO SMITH
To order 4- 5# boxes, select THE MEAN GENE

FEDEX 2 DAY Express Required for Deliveries outside Texas.
Covid update: FEDEX has suspended guaranteed money back, indefinitely.
Shipping Fees will not be refunded.

TEXAS: FEDEX HOME DELIVERY Available: HOME DELIVERY is delivered at the carrier’s discretion (they can add 1 to 5 days)
Our product is guaranteed when received within 48 hours of shipping.
Our customer service rep will contact you if there appears to be an issue in your area. Please watch your email for notification.

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